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We speak English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian and Slovenian.

About us

Our headquarters firm is PD-group GmbH based in Luzern Switzerland. We provide many services, one of them is Security solutions in Ibiza Spain. Our bodyguards are former military officers which are well trained in mixed martial arts.

Head of security for Mr. Giuseppe Cipriani

Over the past five years, we have taken care of the entire spectrum of Mr. Giuseppe Cipriani’s security. Home security, close protection, driving, club and restaurant protection. We oversaw transportation of clubs money to banks. We were as well responsible for safety of his clients, friends and partners. Some of them were Naomi Campbel, Nicole Minetti, Leonardo diCaprio and many others.

What We Do

Protecting You and Your business, family, properties with devotion, intelligence and professionalism.

Mr. Petar Dakic CEO

BS Expert for security and police works

During our business visit to Ibiza, we contacted the company Ibiza security solutions for help with security. We were very satisfied with their services.

Nick van Hoecke – MSD group

We have been working with Ibiza security solutions for several years. We would highlight their responsiveness, professional approach and reliability.

Luxmobil Switzerland

Every time I return to Ibiza, I contact the company Ibiza security solutions. Directly after landing, a vehicle is already waiting for me at the airport to take me to my apartment.

Rüedi Krummenacher

I always make arrangements with Ibiza security solutions for personal security in clubs. Their professionalism and discretion is what convinces me.

Salvatore Serpa

After working with Ibiza security solutions for many years, we would definitely recommend them to everyone.

AdStar agency

We offer reliable, professional and exceptional services.

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